Al Sheez

Born in Toledo, OH, Al Sheez always had a love for music. So his rap career started at an early age, when he and a few of the neighborhood boys, formed a group called the “900 Boyz.”(900 being a block in their neighborhood where we they all hung out at).

The “900 Boyz” only made a few songs together. So their careers really never materialized in to success which Sheez credits to their youth and inexperience of all the members. However, the positive out come of this experience for Al Sheez was, because of his unique and refreshing style he became a standout on every track. And gain a huge buzz from featuring on only a few songs. He then drew interest from local promoters and managers wanting to help him further his career. His manager Devonne Fagan later introduce Al Sheez to a Big D, the CEO of a local indie label GoGetItRecords. From there, that is where his career started as a solo artist

Since signing with GoGetItRecords Al Sheez has been on of the most sought after local artist. He has won an award for best up-and-coming local artist for his hit single, “Sweat,” which became extremely popular and received major air play on Toledo’s largest urban station The Juice 107.3, being picked for the top ”1 at 1” 6 weeks in a row. The song was also featured in the movie, “American Pie Presents… The Naked Mile”. And Puffy’s “Making the Band 4. Another song from his debut album , “Mr Sheez” called “TipDown was featured in NBC “Friday Night Lights”

Al has a large youth following and packs venues whenever and wherever he performs. He has opened up for Young Jeezy, T Pain, LiL’ Wayne, DJ Unk, Mike Jones, Rich Boy and Jim Jones, And Game. Twista, Bone Crusher, Young Dro, He’s has also done performances nation wide , for HIN car show, and Kinetik Battery car shows. He was featured as CMJ’s spot light artist of the month. His newest accomplishment in 2016 was a placement of his song Ery time in da club was placed in the wildly successful tv series iZombie on the CW.

At this point Al Sheez feels the sky is the limit for his music career, So his ultimate goal, is to achieve success at what he loves.
Al’s unique and refreshing style is not easily duplicated.
and his long awaited album “Mr. Sheez” was released summer ’09 and His Newest 2017 release “CLAW Vol 1” is sure to wow fans, young and old…

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